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dxe Hypocrisy

dxe lowers stupidity again. Today December 14 dxe will be part of a vegan drinks at a non vegan, very gentrifying brewery. How the fuck do you protest an all vegetarian restaurant but then support a non vegan brewery in a gentrified area. Given everything is gentrified these days, but the other business they protest hires all people no matter gender, sexual preference, economic status, or culture. hypocrisy is supreme with dxe.


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Buy Buy Buy


Tesla claims to have the all vegan car, thanks to peta. I guess child labor in the mines of china is not oppression as long as your car is labeled vegan. I guess a 12 year old car with no leather, and operating off waste vegetable oil is just too much for the consumerist vegan to comprehend.

Hardcore kids collect vinyl like vegans go out to five star restaurants, yet neither do a damn thing for the real issues.

Krishnacore is now a consumeristic selling tool for a clothing company and those jumping on the yoga bandwagon.

Where does the money go? I guess it trickles down from the rich label or restaurant owners to the welfarist organizations and finally down to those putting in work.

Thanks friends. I’m bitter, but I put in the work.

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Ego, Foodie Culture Will Be The Death of Animal Liberation


We are in a very fucked up time. Corruption, ego, money, it’s ruling and ruining our minds and lives. From egotistical voters to the most egotistical of them all the only thing that is trickling down is bad attitudes and distancing ourselves from each other. I try to speak to the vegan community, but your response only proves this ego to be true.

Vegans are not making the change they think we are, and in fact we are losing the fight on oppression. Some think capitalism will solve the problem, but I have yet to see capitalism solve anything. Others believe social media will solve the problem, but I have only seen that fuel egos and drive organizations to hoard money.

The sad fact is 80% of donations come from non vegans. And your response to that is well thats strange, you would think those people would make the connection. NO, you as a vegan need to make the connection that for animals to be rescued and given sanctuary you as a vegan need to step up, do more, at the least donate time and money to a worthy sanctuary. Worthy meaning one with ethics. Not these lifestyle vegans who believe buying is good, nor the elitists who think their way is the only way and shoot down those with more experience for the sake of his ego. Learn from each other. Help each other for the betterment of the animals.

Not only are vegans not the main donors, but in my experience and from what I have learned from other sanctuaries, vegans are the ones standing in the way of a lot of sanctuaries. Of the dozen or so people who have stood in my way, calling me fake, a liar so on…ALL are vegan. dxe is a prime example of vegans standing in the way. None of them have any experience with animals yet they want to become inspectors of sanctuaries. Why not become volunteers at sanctuaries and if you see what your inexperience thinks is an issue bring it to the attention of someone with more experience and make suggestions and changes from cooperation. Otherwise all of you standing in the way of those with hands on experience are looking like fools. Sure the vegan public doesn’t see it, they just think the word is a great and wonderful place because vegans are in existence.

I got into this never wanting anyone to know my name, but others wanted differently. They vetted me for reality shows that I turned down, and that just upset them to the point that they want nothing to do with me. Maybe those shows could have helped animals, but I’m doubtful. What these incidences truly show is that these people are in it for themselves, and the animals are a byproduct of their ego.

It’s a strange world and we have worse days ahead before we have better days ahead.

So enjoy your dinner parties as if the world is already a better place, but never forget there are people putting in the real work just for you to have that meal.

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Experience trumps Social Media, or does it…


This comes from 26 years of being vegan and 24 years of experience working at animal sanctuaries. Non vegans donate more money and goods to sanctuaries and rescue efforts than vegans. I took a class with 177 people that trained us for animal care and emergency management in regards to rescues and care. Of those 177 people 3 were vegan, none were vegetarian. I have never taken an animal cpr class with a vegan and have only met one other vegan who is animal cpr trained. I know of just one vegan wildlife rehabilitator. I have transported over 1,600 cats and dogs and have never worked with a vegan transporter or transport coordinator. I have never worked with a vegan veterinarian; although I know a handful, and have never worked with a vegan vet tech; although I am aware of several.

Too many of you sit on the fence. Liking the sanctuary that buys animals at the benefit of the oppressor, while liking a post that says “adopt don’t shop”. Hypocrisy is reigning supreme as if you are sipping from trump’s punch bowl.

Now you want to tell me to keep my politics out of animal liberation while you beg for animal rights. Rights are politics, AETA is politics, defunding EPA is politics, redacting USDA files is politics, most importantly ethics are politics.

An ALF tattoo, shirt, scarf and the community sees you as a hero while you loose all anonymity. Those things simply mean you never have nor will do anything and you want to hide behind a logo.

Belittle my experience, for the sake of your defense, but I’m still moving forward even without the trust and support of many of you. The vegan community is growing, but rapidly failing.

This is not an attempt to call you out, this is a wake up call. Do more for others.

ComPassion not fashion!

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Look! Cute dog!

america did not get involved in World War II until the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941. World War II started in 1939, and 80% of americans were against getting involved for NATIONALIST reasons.

Today there is a slave trade in Libya. Humans are being sold for $400 a piece. Read, families are being torn apart, humans are being abused and tortured…

This time around america will not get involved, for this government is now controlled by a nazi.

When you control the minds of the weak with the words, “fake news” you control their decisions, their actions, their pride.  Hatred is running rampant and becoming violent with each tweet. This mans assassin will be a hero.

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Don’t Buy While Others Die

Some buy animals, we bought food, straw and supplies that will feed and care for our 270 rescues (not bought) for seven days. Thanks to everyone who donated on Giving Tuesday. Shelters are filled with FARM animals. Four livestock trucks have overturned in Colorado in the month of November. Why buy animals, which supports the oppressors, when there are animals in need of help with no cost, and no support to the industry of oppression.

Tuesday we rescued a goose. We receive calls everyday asking to help an animal in need. Too often we have to turn them down due to lack of resources, labor, and space. So ask yourself why do so many sanctuaries buy animals while others have to turn animals away.

When you have the facts you can only conclude that animals are being bought for one reason, “investment”. “Investment” is the very word they used to justify their purchase of animals from a livestock auction. Hypocrisy, greed, ego.