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What Led Me Here

Back in the early ’90s I began working at animal sanctuaries, and giving away free vegan food. Music is what lead me there. Thank you Positive Force.


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State of The Sanctuary October 3, 2017!!!

We just purchased an additional 5 acres for $1134.00!!!

By now everyone should have realized that Little Rainbow is not your ordinary sanctuary. We aren’t setting ethics aside in order to rescue animals. Too many tell us to stop talking politics and it will help you save animals. Well I rescued animals when i was at my lowest, so I doubt much is going to stop me now.

I have learned that when you meet those wiser than you, you listen. I have to thank a lot of people for letting me listen over the years. From Balalbhadra at ISCOWP in 1993, to Susie at Farm Sanctuary in 2007; Dr. Rob at Chenoa Manor in 2009;  to everyone at VINE in 2009, thank you. I’ve spent decades learning animal care and sanctuary operation in preparation for this sanctuary to come true.

I have also learned when you meet your match, you join forces. So together with @roostersanctuary we have just purchased another 5 acres. Together we plan to move onto the now 10 acres to make a better and more fulfilling life for the animals we have rescued, and hopefully more to come.

Many have doubted us and many have stood in the way, and each time we move forward. With our own incomes, abilities, and resourcefulness we have managed to make ends meet for thousands of animals in our short lifetimes.

Just for example we have only spent $14,634 on ten acres of land. I have spent less than $15,000 on a house for us to live, and we plan to build a barn for just $15,000. This DIY ethic and know how has given us the ability to learn and help others learn. Together we are stronger, together we are smarter, together we can do more. Thanks to all who have given us support through the years. Thanks to all who have been patient and watched us grow.

Thanks to @VeganRecords for donating a portion of their band camp sales to Little Rainbow during the month of October.

Thanks to everyone who has helped with merch, labor, and moral.

Thank you #vegan #govegan #animalliberation #humanliberation #totalliberation #fortheanimals #liberation #dontbuywhileothersdie #diy #adoptdontshop #dotherightthing #dontshopadopt #doityourself #wnc #828isgreat #828isnotsogreat #vegansnakes #avl #veganstraightedge #straightedge #vse #xvx #xxx #edgeday #edgeday2017

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Edge Day 2017


Edge day. For so many Straight Edge is about self preservation and respect. With that outlook there is little one can do to help others in regards to addiction. I know of only a dozen people who are Straight Edge and have never touched the addictive substances which it stands against. There’s a lot of respect in that but I have more respect for those who know addiction and fight it every day. To know what they are no longer feeling and still surviving this world.

Straight Edge can be more than just about self respect and the refusal to submit to a culture of addiction, it can be about helping others. Listen, and just be with the people you know who fight this disease that turns a body into a machine of want.

I hate looking back on what this scene was and seeing far too few recreate or reinvent the efforts we once gave towards others. Shows that gave back to the community. A five dollar show on Saturday night was a meal for those less privileged on Sunday. Speaking between songs about what this movement truly means. Straight Edge is not about dominating those who struggle with addiction, but helping everyone see addiction and to rid this world of what capitalists want it to be. Refuse, Resist, but most importantly Revolt by helping others to see more clearly.

And while I am at it; welcome the second person to legally make the name change to Straighedge @RoosterSanctuary legally became Jewel Straightedge last month!

Vitamin X ABC No RIO

#edgeday2017 #edgeday #straightedge #veganstraightedge #forall #fortheloveof #sxe #vse #xvx #xxx #animalliberation #Humanliberation #totalliberation #liberation #positiveforce

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Give Me Back


Dear males, “me too” is not yours. “Me too” is for you to admit wrong doing. “Me too” is a wake up call.

I’m a straight white male. I am part of the problem. Acknowledgement is no where near enough. I strive to make every action I commit to be better than the one before, to be better than those who raised me, to be better than those around me. Sometimes I fail, sometimes I get depressed, sometimes I stop and feel it’s too much. I get up I move forward and start again to make every motion better. Details aren’t needed, the past is just that, but that does not make the thoughts and vision go away. What was done to me I have worked to quell. What was done to me I work to undo in myself and others.

I was slow at falling in love, mainly due to being raised by a single mother, mainly due to being abused by an alcoholic father. A father who took 44 years to say happy birthday on my birthday, a father which I have no room to forgive. I don’t take the animals I rescue back to the hoarder, breeder, vivisector, slaughterer, just to give a hug to. I don’t see a reason I should do that to myself.

As much as all that is blaming a past generation, I am still the problem. I am still straight white and male. That in and of itself is not the problem as much as all that straight white males have done to cause these problems. Privilege and dominance are the cursed backbone of many cultures. To reverse that we must work together, but most importantly we must listen to those who have been adversely affected by the structure of patriarchy. Down with patriarchy, forever in revolution! #vegan #govegan #patriarchy #rebel #resist #revolt #rebuild #humanliberation #animalliberation #totalliberation #liberation #giveback #givemeback #forothers #fortheloveofall #fortheloveof #forthelove

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WNC Hunt Sab

It’s hunt sab season in Western North Carolina. Yes they hunt foxes, yes they wear red coats, yes they ride horse, yes they pretend to be noble. The truth is these are just low budget theatrics by red necks who want to be something they are not. Go out and prevent the unnecessary death of these animals. Killing is not a sport.#vegan #govegan #wnc #828 #828isgreat #readthedamnpost #watchthedamnvideo #dontjustlikeduetoahashtag #828isgreat #828isnotsogreat #avl #huntsab #fox #fortheanimals #animalliberation #humanliberation #totalliberation #liberation #hubtsaboteur

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Those of us in the Hardcore/music scene need to listen to “Me too” more than most. Don’t let idol worship keep you silent. Don’t let the fact that you are in a band be the reason to control someone. You know who you are. This goes for the Animal Liberation/vegan community as well. Status in a community is no reason to control someone’s mind and body. Each life is theirs to live. Just as we see non humans as sentient self governing beings, wanting to have control of their own bodies; we must see humans in the same light. Each life is their own, don’t take that freedom away from anyone. A single instant can remain as a thought for a lifetime.

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Hatchery Transport

Chickens born into the oppressive meat and egg industry never see their mother. Eggs for breeding are sent to separate buildings to hatch. Once hatched they will be sorted by sex. If born male they are ground alive and made into feed for other chickens. If female they will once again be transported to a location where they will become layer hens or broad breasted white birds depending on how they have been genetically modified. Chickens in the wild lay 20-30 eggs per year, where ass the genetically modified birds lay an egg a day. This constant laying limits their life span to only 2-3 years. Once they are “spent” and do not lay a profitable amount they are ground up to feed other animals. Broad breasted white birds only live a few weeks and are genetically modified to weigh almost 5 times their natural weight. The last day of their lives they will be fed wood pulp and other waste products in order to “fatten” their body for the final sale weight. #vegan #govegan #animalliberation #humanliberation #totalliberation #liberation #fortheanimals #chicken #chickensofig #hatchery #egg #hatch #transport #veganrescue #poultry #gmo #geneticallymodified #friendsnotfood