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Rooster Rescue

This guy came home today, after being in the shelter for a month. He will be going to a new adopter who is also taking the 4 ducks rescued last week.

Too often we think of shelters as just dogs and cats, but most are filled with farmed animals as well. With the rise of backyard farming so is the incline of rooster dumps at your local shelter. There is no reason to buy while shelters are filled with animals. #vegan #animalliberation #goegan



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Out With The Rooster in With The Dog


Year end report


Go Fund Me


Returned $190

Total $738



Returned $500

Total $1292

Shirts sold


Costs $1200

Total $503.29

Total Received $2533.29


Excavator Rental

$1500 per weekend

Rented 3 times



Fed over 600 people at 12 free food events

Each event costs approximately $300

Total $3600


11 from NC to NYC

21 within NC

3 from NC to TN

87 animals rescued/transported

over 300 turned down due to space and money

Total costs unknown

Total known costs $8100

Total donations and shirt sells $2533.29

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Real Tools of The Trade


On the occasion that I need to cut a bolt I prefer a grinder. Every other occasion I choose to use one of two tools. This has been my favorite tool for over two decades. I even used it today. I guess these tools don’t look as good on t-shirts, which only proves who the fakes are. Go out and get yourself a nice sledge and bar along with some fence cutters. Also get a job….one that requires you to need such things.

#govegan #selfliberation #animalliberation #humanliberation #totalliberation #vegan

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Keep Capitalism In Christmas

mcjesus copy.jpg

Keep capitalism in christmas. A lot of white people worship a man based on a book which has heroes from Africa, The Middle East, and the lead role is a Jewish guy. How easily they forget or pick and choose what they wish to believe. Credit cards, bank accounts, loans, none of those things are christian.

This myth of a man in the sky who selfishly recreated himself to forgive the sins of others he created in his own image is fed to children as fact and should not be questioned.

Equally the taking of life to feed a craving is fed to children just to continue mankind’s greed and dominance.

Question everything till you have true comfort in your self.

I took this photo in the early 90’s and it’s still one of my favorites I have taken. It took many a cold night trying to dial this in just right. Copyright Greg Straight Edge!

#vegan #keepxinxmas #christmas #xmas #jesus #myth #religion #raiseyourchildwell #forthechildren #fortheanimals #capitalism #greed #ego #govegan #selfliberation #animalliberation #humanliberation #totalliberation