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Less Talk, More Action





While dxe/microsanctuary movement sat around and talked about what they plan to do, we got to work on our new residents. They had their first produce day experience and those in the most dire health went to the vet. The oldest lady from this rescue only has one tooth and is in poor shape. To make things worse she also has a newborn who’s umbilical cord has yet to fall off. We will need to build 3 more barns and install new fencing for this herd. If you want to help, share the link in bio or better yet donate. #fuckdxe #dxenotwelcomehere #doityourself #thinkforyourself #vegan #veganrescue #govegan #adoptdontshop #animalliberation #fortheanimals #friendsnotfood #lambsofinstagram #dontbuywhileothersdie #fucktmm #fuckthemicrosanctuarymovement #talkyourshitbutdontfuckwiththis


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Earth In A Crisis Day


The past week I have been working with a small group of people to help take animals from a hoarding/breeding case. While catching well over 50 animals we never took the time for selfies or live feeds. Less than ten people rounded up over 50 animals that would be living in terrible conditions without proper water, food, or care. Many of the people helping eat meat, yet felt the need to help. Because of that ingrained choice to eat meat many vegans will condemn us for working with them, yet many vegans did not offer their help.

There’s a strange shift in the “vegan community” white maleness is looked upon as holy, yet I rarely see males rescuing animals. The selfie is seen as the sole barer of proof, yet I’ve never had much time to take a selfie during a rescue. To change from a carnivore to a vegan is only celebrated if you have status, and if you occasionally fail you are condemned to never be in the clique.

Are we not in this for the animals, the environment. for community? Or is this just an ego status, “I’m vegan” and you bounce off to the next sanctuary visit for some selfies while never donating nor getting your hands dirty.

This world will never end. Humanity will be erased from history and the way many vegans act like children is damning proof that we have no hope for surviving. Yet too many play the happy game of peace love vegan while never saving a single animal.

Peace is an action. Actions are not always easy for us. Actions can cause harm to our own bodies, and rob us of social time, or compassion fatigue as it is commonly called. If you want to see compassion fatigue, walk in my friends shoes. Wake up at 5am, feed 400 animals, give them the care they need, pick up feed, make vet visits, hold these animals while they are sick, tuck them in at night and be sure no harm can be done to them, all the while answering 100s of calls to take more animals, making arrangements to take in large rescues. But most of you will just sit on your computers, thinking your four animals are a difficult tasks to care for. It’s absurd what this community has done to itself and worse what it is doing to the broader scope of accepting more people in and focusing on the animals who are the real victims. Compassion fatigue? You’re next in line for the knife, the hammer, the scalding vat of bleach. Think of that fatigue. #govegan #vegan #earthcrisisday #earthday #whatvegansdo #animalliberation #liberation #fortheanimals #friendsnotfood #talkyourshitbutdontfuckwiththis #screencaptureaway #fuckyourfatigue #veganisnotenough #earthcrisis #veganstraightedge #straightedge #xvx #xxx #sxe #vse

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Animal Agriculture


As a people who want to see an end to the exploitation of animals, we must move away from #factoryfarm as a term and broaden our scope to #animalagriculture . This photo was taken today in a rural area that is growing with factory farms. The small scale family farms that once stood here are closing and bankrupting due to big business. Neither are good. The small scale or backyard farm practices are just as oppressive, abusive, and damaging to the environment as the corporate farms.

This cow was surrounded by the bones of at least three other cows. She died maybe a week ago and has yet to be devoured by the scavengers or turned back into the earth. In the distance are the shiny new factory farms. Rows of thousand foot long buildings, housing thousands to millions of animals. Just because some see backyard farming as kinder does not make it any less cruel when a life is spawned, raised, and “cared” for only to be killed. A few inches or a few yards make no difference in the suffering from the slice of a knife or the blow of a hammer. Neglect and disrespect are present in all forms of animal agriculture.

These situations exist everywhere. From New York City to middle america there is some one raising an animal for a profit, for human ego, for human greed. From the hoarder to the backyard farmer, to the corporate factory farm, they simply do not care about life and only see a dollar sign.

We boycott these industries with our choices. From food to clothing we boycott the oppressive industries. Yet there are “sanctuaries who choose to buy animals, while thousands of farm animals die due to lack of care. These vegan petting zoos must be stopped and called out for the lack of ethics. There is no rescue with out a cost, but that cost must never be paid as profit to the oppressors. #vegan #govegan #ethics #ethicalvegan #ethical #veganethics #animalliberation #liberation #anticapitalist #capitalism #backyardfarm #cow #farm #cruelty #abuse #neglect #dontbuywhileothersdie #adoptdontshop #dontshopadopt #fortheanimals #friendsnotfood #rescuenotrevenue #rescue #veganrescue

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Another Good Day!


This boy has been officially named Skunk and got a fair bill of health. Total count of all rescued this week is still unknown. Stay tuned… #animalliberation #totalliberation #veganstraightedge #vegan #govegan #liberation #babyanimals #lambsofig #lambsofsatan #Adoptdontshop #dontshopadopt #rescuenotrevenue #fortheanimals #friendsnotfood #sanctuary #dontbuywhileothersdie

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Promote Ethics


Another 50 birds arriving soon. Add to that some other new residents and we have well over 400 animals in our care. No animal at our sanctuary was bought. All were rescued. There is absolutely no reason to buy animals when sanctuaries need help and many have to turn away animals everyday. Promote a healthy vegan diet. Promote ethics for all of us to progress. Promote a positive lifestyle that makes life better for everyone. #govegan #vegan #veganstraightedge #straightedge #animalliberation #adoptdontshop #dontshopadopt #dontbuywhileothersdie #rescuenotrevenue #fortheanimals #friendsnotfood #chickensofig #chickens #abstractanimals #abstract