Believe Victims

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Believe victims! It’s that simple. Stop throwing accusations at the victim when you have no idea what they have been through. Living in a white male dominated society when you are anyone other than a white male can not be easy. So if you feel sexual misconduct must be reported immediately ask yourself who are the victims to report it to. The same white males creating most of the crimes, are the same white males the crimes have to be reported to.

What can white males do? First admit your faults. Second when you hear, “well everyone did it at that age” step up and say, “No, everyone has not nor would do that.” We all know who they, we all know where they associate with their low minded friends. Call ‘em out.

Veganism is not a one way street just for the liberation of animals. Veganism is an ethic that uplifts everyone and places our responsibilities on a higher plane. Do good for others, for yourself. #vegan #animalliberation #humanliberation #liberation #totalliberation


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