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Photo of a foot found inside a poultry crate from kaporos ritual. With all their might they hold on to what little they know of home, even if it tears their body to pieces.

The human ego is something you rarely see in the animal kingdom. Greed has lead to the demise of so many great things in this world, including the world itself. We often feel we are helping when we are only lessening the contribution to our own demise. Nothing short of a total apocalypse can save us now. As much as that may be a nihilist approach it is also an honest one. We create corporations with hopes of change, yet they are profit based corporations none the less. Non profit, 501c3, whatever you want to call it that makes you feel good about yourself and allows donors a tax break it is still part of the problem. Equally communities that berate and badger those with the same goals are only walking their movement backwards in the name of self righteousness. Critical thought is gone. What can drive attention and donations leads the way.

Our demise has been brought on by ourselves. #endchickensaskaporos #vegan #govegan #demise #nihilist dontbuywhileothersdiefoot1.jpgfoot2.jpgfoot3.jpg


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