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Every year there are three rituals held just weeks apart. The first to occur is eid al-adha which is the celebration of sacrifice. The sacrifice celebrated is typically of a goat. In New York City alone 100’s of goats are sacrificed in the halal tradition and often thrown in the trash. The second sadistic ritual involving sacrifice is kaporos. This is practiced by hasidics who hold a chicken by their wings and spin them over their head three times with the belief that the chicken will absorb their sins. Anyone with an education knows no sacrifice of life will bring about anything good. The third is the most sadistic and the very least of those protest. Santoria is practiced in the woods and hidden areas of the five boroughs. It involves chickens, turtles, fish, and just about any animal imaginable, but mostly birds.

Why is it the kaporos ritual is so heavily protested yet the eid al-adha is not? The simple reason is where it is practiced. As these rituals go underground it is becoming more difficult to expose and stop them. eid al-adha has been practiced in basements and the back rooms of kill markets for decades with very little interruption from protestors. kaporos on the other hand is practiced in the open, on the streets and sidewalks and often promoted with signs and banners to direct people to the ritual.

The past three years as protesting has picked up it has become more difficult to liberate chickens from kaporos. While on the surface this may appear as a positive, it may not be. This year especially kaporos rituals were practiced in private alleys, guarded, in basements, and with wooden structures guarding the chickens. Additionally more chickens are being used and taken to many more locations than normal. It was much easier to find many more locations this year than in the past decade. Yet much more difficult to get to the birds.

This has been the thinking of those practicing eid al-adha as they do not wish to be seen, disturbed, protested, and more importantly they do not wish their ignorance to be exposed. The new kids are enjoying their freedom. #liberation #animalliberation #sanctuary #chickensofinstagram #kaporos #rescue #vegan #govegan #veganstraightedge #fortheanimals #friendsnotfood #judaism #hasidic #ritual #sacrifice #animalcruelty #animalabuse #save #brooklyn #brooklynvegan #dontbuywhileothersdie #eidaladha #goats #sadistic #realsanctuarymovement #barbaric #hasidswithchickens #stormwatch



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