No Excuse

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When, as concerned animal lovers, we claim no religion would allow the barbaric acts of chicken torture for kaporos, we are actually correct in that this is not a religious tradition. Giving them the religious excuse grants them permission to break countless laws under the guise of religious freedoms. The fact is this is not religion. In no religious text is there mention of the use of chickens for kaporos. This barbaric act is carried out only for the sake of tradition which has been passed down from one rabbi to the next. Hasidic people are a very well read group of people. Yet they must read the simple prayers of kaporos from a laminated piece of paper. Proving that this is not inherent to their religion, but only an archaic practice of tradition.

If we want to see this end we have several avenues to explore.

First we can make efforts to shut down all live markets. At the very least, the delivery of live animals should be restricted to only places licensed to slaughter animals, and not just dumped on the streets. Second we can easily prove, as many rabbis have stepped forward to admit, this is not a religious practice. This is a tradition that is practiced by a sect of a religious group, but not part of that religion. Third hitting them financially can put an end to this. The companies that supply the chickens are well aware that the crates will be stolen. Go to a live market and examine the condition of the crates. Then go to a kaporos ritual and notice the crates are near there last use. This can also be seen in the fact that they are sending less healthy chickens that are less likely to sell.

On a side note, if you think kaporos is disgusting; research b’peh. If NYC health departments are not capable of stopping b’pec, then its a long road for the health department to stop the torture of chickens.

If you would like to join us in ending this as we continue to rescue chickens from this barbaric act, as well as aiding in the care of these chickens; please share the link in bio.

All photos by me, please do not use without permission.

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