More Horns Than A Dio Concert

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Martha has more horns than a Dio concert.

The problems with wool are just as vast and sadistic as any other form of animal exploitation. Through history sheep have been used for clothing, food, and the more sadistic means of intimate comfort. When Australia was a prison colony English sailors would load ships with prisoners and sheep. The reason for the sheep were to prevent their own deaths. At the time if two sailors were caught having intimate relations with one another they could be beheaded and thrown overboard. So their solution was to bring sheep along for the journey.

Many of these sheep were “spent” by the time they arrived in Australia so they were set free. This is why there are sheep in Australia, a land much too warm for wool bearing animals. Many years later Ugg exploits the descendants of these sexually exploited animals.

Today sheep are used for wool, leather, food to name a few. In the wool industry a method known as mulesing is used to prevent fly strike. Mulesing is the removal of two strips of wool bearing skin on each side of the buttocks. This creates scar tissue which does not grow wool therefor feces and urine do not get caught in the wool which would create maggots that lead to flies and fly strike.

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