Vegan Straight Edge

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For post 600 and close to 500 followers; and a lot of new vegan straight edge folks; I’ll introduce myself. I was once a photographer. Took a few famous photos such as the path of resistance photo, the stretch armstrong rituals of life album, the integrity photo in the only the strong comp…many others. Before most of that a photo of me was used in the exessive force 7”, and even before that I legally changed my name to straight edge. The first protest I went to was against the kkk. The second protest I went to was again against the kkk. I’ve been arrested over 50 times and almost all of those arrests were for human rights issues. I went vegan in 1991, started volunteering at sanctuaries in 1993, started transporting from kill shelters and for farm and other animals in 2001 Began doing rescues well before any of this… Rescued over 60 strays during hurricane Katrina. Learned emergency management for animal rescues in 2008. Was honored with farm sanctuary’s farm animal friend award in 2009. In 2010 I organized and transported for the largest open rescue in NYC; 230 chickens. That record has since been beaten by @inthenycoftime. Last year with the help of @hardcoreanimalrescue we fed vegan meals to over 600 people in need, all without donations. There’s more, but what matters is that all of us pitch in to make a difference. It’s not how long you’ve been doing it, not how well versed you are, It’s your willingness to learn and your dedication to the innocent that truly matters. #veganstraightedge #vegan #straightedge #xvx #vse #sxe #fortheanimals #friendsnotfood #straightedgetattoo #hardcore #stretcharmstrong #pathofresistance #xessiveforce #vengeanceismine #whodareswins #ritualsoflife #90shardcore #integrity #openrescue #giveback #ethicalvegan #ethics #ethical


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