The Weak Will Not Accept The Truth

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The weak will not accept the truth. Those who fear truth defend ignorance at all costs. When there is something to be gained people will ignore truth for the sake of accumulating wealth of ego.

This all too true in cult mentality. People who have never met, nor even ventured to learn about someone, will repeat the damnedest things for the sake of following someone they look up to. Enter dxe and the microsanctuary movement. Two cults gaining momentum for the sake of ego at the expense of the animals. I often think of them as a passing trend who’s hypocrisies and drama will catch up to them, but then I remember the humane league was also started by someone who was well known as a sex offender and even went on to write a book and work at some of the largest welfarist groups in the so called vegan community.

Is it not our duty as compassionate and ethical people to expose these groups that prey on others? The many sexual harassment offenses brought to light, the hoarding of money, the emotional manipulation. Do we just let these things go for the “animals”. Yes these people may be doing some good, but any level of good done with bad intentions is ultimately not good at all.

Lets grow as a community of compassion. A community without manipulating others for personal gain. Compassion must be for all those we share earth with.

#govegan #ethicalvegan #ethics #ego #noego #stopfollowingwhitemales #coexist #animalliberation #liberation #truth


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