Spread The Word, For The Animals

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Spread the word about the link in bio. Four busts in as many states have happened in the past week. Tennessee, Texas, are just a couple of the states. Rooster Sanctuary is the only sanctuary who has worked to secure the release of any of these birds. Sadly SPCA and animal control do not always understand and euthanize without any remorse for the these birds and the fact that they can be rehabilitated. Even vegan led humane society chooses to euthanize these birds. Send a message to these agencies and more importantly for these birds that rehabilitation is possible. Share the link in bio so that we may rescue 100 out of the over 500 seized in the past week. It’s the least we can do as people claiming compassion. If we could save more we would. It all takes money, space, and cooperation. Why do so many support the corporate charities who claim to be humane yet euthanize so many animals? #vegan #govegan #gamefowl #cocker #fight #bloodsport #animalliberation #liberation #spca #humanesociety #humane #fortheanimals #friendsnotfood #chickensofig #roostersofig #rooster #chicken #gaff #gamebird #spcaoftexas #aspca #peta


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