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It’s easy to condemn the actions of others, especially when that action is abuse towards others. Some confront with words and boycotts, others prefer to be on the front lines, to witness first hand, and to take down those who commit these actions so they will hopefully see their wrongs and change. Four cock fighting busts in as many states have happened in just the past week. This means hundreds of birds will be euthanized if someone does not step forward and speak out for these birds. This means being trained in their care and rehabilitation, this means giving them care, shelter and the proper space and time for them to understand they no longer have to fight to be appreciated. If you want to help, visit ROOSTERSANCTUARY.ORG or NETWORKFORGOOD. Spread the word… Cock fighting leads to dog fighting. Animal abuse leads to domestic abuse. The cycle can be stopped. #vegan #govegan #roostersofig #rooster #cocker #cockfight #bloodsport #hatrednotheritage #animalliberation #liberation #rehabilitate #gamefowl #fortheanimals #friendsnotfood #chickensofig #chicken #birdsofig



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