Our Problem

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We condemn the act, the person, but rarely face the problem. The reasons for hoarding are as numerous as what people hoard. The animals suffer, the people committing the actions are condemned and the problem continues; repeat, on and on… As a society we allow this to happen. “Someone else will take care of it”, “Not my problem”; and the excuses roll on. The problem is ours as a whole. The problem must be faced each time we turn our backs to it. We allow this, we can change this. Do not depend on government, authority, or others. Educate yourself, and do it yourself. Talk to people, learn about others in your community. Don’t put up barriers and shun these people. Learn what got them to such a place and lend a hand. Homelessness, unemployment, health, loss, all contribute to someone falling into a depressed state which may lead to animal abuse. Get to know your neighbor rather than shutting them out for being different.

Weekly I see a bust, or animal abuse case in which the animals are quickly taken to be euthanized with no reaction from the local public. This is a disgrace to what veganism is about. Compassion! Feed people in need, give a helping hand. Don’t just trump yourself up on a pedestal as being vegan, or a sanctuary founder. Do more, educate. A truck load of animals turns over, you make a phone call, you go help. Too often I pass dozens of animal sanctuaries claiming vegan ethics yet they aren’t at the scene to help with a rescue or transport. It’s bewildering. Do more! #vegan #govegan #animalliberation #liberation #humanliberation #totalliberation #fortheanimals #friendsnotfood #turkeysofig #roostersofig #hoarding #depression #doityourself #diy #ethics #veganethics #rescue #veganrescue #compassion


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