International Womens Day

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Back in the mid 2000’s Wilmington, NC started this walk of fame thing. Basically cheap cast concrete with the name of a famous person who currently or once lived in the area. Charlie Daniels was one of those people, and he made some comments as to his lack of concern for such a cast concrete token in his name. He basically hated the people of Wilmington and wasn’t afraid to let them know it. So a friend and I devised a plan to remove Charlie from the walk and place one of the greatest females of our time in his place. Assata Shakur Lived with her grandmother in Wilmington. If you don’t know anything about Assata please do yourself a favor and read her autobiography and if you don’t throw a brick through a window after reading it then read it again till you get the point. #govegan #cuba #assata #assatashakur #wilmington #ilm #internationalwomensday #internationalwomensday2018 #BLA #BPP #NJ #1312 #acab


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