Vegans and Food Waste

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To think your actions are not political is naive. Everything we do affects not only us but our environment and society. To think otherwise is an arrogant act of privilege. Sexism, racism, speciesism are all constructs of privilege and ego. As people choosing to living a compassionate life, food choices must be considered that do not cause harm to others. Items such as palm oil, gmo’s, and many other imported items cause damage to our environment. Additionally the waste of locally sourced foods must be eliminate. How can anyone think that wasting food while others starve is a reasonable way to act?Sadly our very existence has become intertwined with politics. Eliminate your dependence, reduce your consumption, give back by whatever means possible. #vegan #animalliberation #totalliberation #liberation #friendsnotfood #fortheanimals #reducereuse #food #foodcrisis #privilege


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