Capitalism, Torture For Profit

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Tomorrow the worlds largest cock fighting championships begin in Manila, Philipines. Whatever your perception of cockfighting is, this event may come as a surprise. This is event is not held in a dark hidden venue. Instead it is in one of Manila’s more prestigious coliseums. What is known as the world slasher cup has been held in the same venue since 1963. The event is sponsored my american, european, and asian corporations. Birds are illegally transported to the event from many countries, several of which the “sport” has been deemed illegal. Famous breeders and trainers from Texas, Hawaii, Kentucky, and other states will be speaking. Again these people come from areas in which this is illegal.

From a vegan aspect you may feel helpless in what you can do, but think about where your money goes. Too many feel the corporate world is changing and buying vegan products such as ben and jerry’s is helping the cause and may eventually turn these companies into ethical organizations. That’s a fantasy. The simple fact is these companies want money. PepsiCo is on of the largest sponsors of this event. Think about that when you decide to eat from taco bell, or try that new vegan cheese from pizza hutt, both of which are owned by pepsi.

If you want to go down that; “heritage”, “culture”, “natural” road; there are too many cultural excuses for the torture of others. Too many “natural” excuses when you are tying metal to a birds legs, feeding him drugs and training him to be abetter fighter. In nature they defend their brood, and rarely fight till death.

These companies do not care about your ethics. These companies always have and always will care about one thing and one thing only; money. #vegan #govegan #cockfight #gamefowl #animalliberation #fuckcapitalism #pepsi #tacobell #worldslashercup #ph #veganstraightedge #liberation #fortheanimals #friendsnotfood #dontbreedwhileothersdie #adoptdontshop #dontshopadopt




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