Fighting Season

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In just a few days cock fighting season begins. In the us this sport is carried out mostly by middle to upper middle class white males. Too few are prosecuted and those who are prosecuted are people of color.

For the past three to four weeks these birds have been kept in total darkness and given a diet of powders and drugs that will cause them to fight more viciously. They will be transported in tight, dark boxes to the fighting location. Once there they will be weighed, judged and paired with another bird to fight. Some ruling bodies of cock fighting require a cocker to bring every bird he or she owns to a fight in order to best pair birds for fighting. Be on the look out for trucks and trailers carrying boxes of birds as seen in the second photo.

Many law enforcement agencies do not bother to investigate these crimes for many reasons. When a cock fight ring is busted it is most often done so in order to find “illegal immigrants” and to have them deported.

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