To Buy Is To Breed

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Buy one, breed two. It’s that simple. When a “sanctuary” buys an animal and refuses other animals it is a situation of greed and ego. You can always buy the prettiest animals. Sanctuaries are to care for the sicker, weaker animals in the most need. I have been to many an auction and 90% of the time found a sick animal that was given to me for free. Additionally there are situations of natural disaster which cause animals to be buried in mass graves. Many still alive and can be rescued for free, I’ve even been paid to take an animal in such a situation. “Sanctuaries” which buy animals are only doing so to turn that animal into a poster child and to make profits from donations. There are too many good sanctuaries with ethics and education as to the proper care of animals that buying is not necessary. Do not feed the oppressor, do not give into their greed, stop feeding the oppression. #vegan #govegan #dontbuywhileothersdie #fortheanimals #animalliberation #humanliberation #totalliberation #liberation #adoptdontshop #dontshopadopt #rescuenotrevenue #ethics


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