Oppression Is Not A Human Right

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While many claim animals fight in nature; and they do; it is not to the extent that humans force them to. Animals fight for territory, dominance, mates, and protection, yet few fight as fiercely as those who have been conditioned by humans to do so. Physical manipulation through the removal of body parts, sleep and light deprivation as well as the use of man made items such as gafs completely disregard nature and make the “fighting is natural” argument null.

Gafs are one of many ways cockers manipulate these roosters in order to make a strike more evident and or deadly. Gafs are limited in size by the different ruling bodies of cock fighting. They are ground sharp as a razor, or pointed like a needle, and attached to the cut off spur of a rooster.

Many argue that fighting animals is a human right and to deny these people the right to fight animals is unjust. What is truly unjust is the utilization of an animal for any purpose. #vegan #govegan #rooster #investigation #animalliberation #Humanliberation #totalliberation #liberation #fortheanimals #lovernotafighter #roostersofig #friendsnotfood #sanctuary #elitistswithchickensgaf0001gaf4gaf0006gaf2gaf1gaf5gaf3


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