Vegans And Misanthropic Hypocrisy

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This misanthropic image vegans want to promote isn’t doing much good for the animals. If we are to promote anti speciesist ethics, then we have to accept humans as part of that. It doesn’t add to your tough guy image to claim to hate everyone.

Most often when one claims to be a misanthrope they aren’t looking at the bigger picture. Western lifestyles are the root of most of this self and human hate. The world is much larger than just those around us.

Claiming to hate or promoting murder or harm to others is no way to win this fight. Fight for what you want, not against what you hate. #vegan #govegan #animalliberation #humanliberation #totalliberation #Liberation #OnaMOVE #MOVE #RomonaAfrica #JohnAfrica #Africa #Philly #Philadelphia #WelcometoPhiladelphia #MOVE9 #freetheMOVE9 #misanthrope #watchthefollowersdrop #think #fortheanimals


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