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Human Manipulation, Human Intervention

This is Daisey. She has been mentioned in previous posts. She is what the industry calls a broad breasted white bird. These are typically hens and raised to become a commodity in just a few weeks.

Recently a question was asked that I ask myself everyday. How do you feel about controlling the breeding habits of other animals? patrice jones recently wrote on this subject regarding chickens. I want to whole heartedly agree with her, but I honestly struggle with this on a daily basis.

Humans have manipulated almost every animal we share this planet with. Either for food, entertainment, science, or sadistic reasons. Humans have done their best to fuck with every aspect of life. Chickens, turkeys, cows, bulldogs, and many others can not breed without the assistance of humans. How fucked is that? There are no words to describe a sadistic behavior that would want someone to control such a natural aspect of an animal. So why do we spay and neuter? The simple answer is there are too many animals. Five million a year die just for not having a home. Many more are bred just to be sold into a privileged home.

Farm animals, bred to grow so large they crush each other if mating is attempted. Chihuahuas bred to be so small a cesarian is necessary for them to birth and often means death for the mother. Again its sadistic behavior for profit, and there is no other way to defend the harm we have created.

Considering that it is our own doing that has led to these issues, is it up to us to control the lack of breeding in order to bring numbers down, or does that again bring more sadistic acts to cover up our other sadistic acts.

Is it just as sickening to think hunters justify killing by claiming they are controlling population. Truth be told the gun needs to be turned and control the human population.

Each time a dollar is handed over for a life, more lives are bred to bring more profit. We must bleed these industries dry by not giving them one cent, not one inch.

What is our best way out of a hell we have created for others and ultimately ourselves?

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Do Something Good

#FlashBackFriday to our last day in Asheville, and goodbye to North Carolina! We took all our clothes, some canned food, and bought a ton of cereal and flax milk; took it to downtown Asheville and had a goodbye party to all the folks we have helped feed the past year. September has been the first month this year that we did not do a free food event. We hope to get back into it in October, but it depends on funds. Each month we have spent approximately $400 and fed anywhere from 70-100 people. All meals and clothing are vegan. Vegan is more than just a non-human issue. If we all reach out with vegan ethics to feed those who do not have access to plant based food, we in turn eliminate animals from the food chain and create healthier humans. This is simple outreach that serves many purposes. The people fed may transition into a more compassionate ethical being. Animal sourced products are eliminated from food and clothing. Awareness of such issues as healthy food for those in need, and that ethical vegans are out there doing something for humans as well as non-humans. Thanks to everyone who has helped with these free food events during 2017. #vegan #govegan #giveback #fortheanimals #animalliberation #totalliberation #humanliberation #avl #828 #828isnotsogreat #pritchardpark #asheville #wnc #westernnorthcarolina #nc #northcarolina #give #ditrectaction #diy #doityourself #dogood #fbf

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Ethics Go Beyond Food and Animals


This is Dudley; one of over 270 animals rescued, not bought.

The real question is; Why is 45 making it difficult for Puerto Rico to receive the assistance it’s people need? Is it a grudge due to his failed golf course which led to bankruptcy just before he began to run for presidency? Is it due to his constituency only wanting aid to be given to people with white skin? Raise questions, think, put your ethics in motion. #vegan #govegan #elitistswithchickens #humanliberation #animalliberation #totalliberation #lberation #dontbuywhileothersdie #freebird #chickensofig #ethics #ethicalveganDSC06182IG LRS.jpg

Sanctuaries aren’t just about cute animals.

Being vegan means you care, and not just for non-humans. Puerto Rico is in need, so give to sincere disaster relief organizations. Burma is on fire and people are being burnt alive simply because of government. #vegan #govegan #animalliberation #humanliberation #totalliberation #giveback #givemeback #directaction #forall

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Streets of Brooklyn

First; this is not religious freedom as this practice is not mentioned in any religious text.

Second; this is only allowed under the guise of religious freedom.

If anyone were to allow animals to sit on a curbside for three days they would be arrested.

If anyone were to dump feces on the curb, they would be arrested.

These acts; and many others, continue with NYPD protection, under the lie of religious freedom. #vegan #govegan #animalliberation #humanliberation #totalliberation #atheist #fortheanimals #liberation #religion #hasidic #kaporos #elitistswithchickens #directaction #friendsnotfood #chickens #brooklyn #nyc #nypd #acab #apmd #1312

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A Question of Sanctuary


I’m not much into the self promotion or asking for donations. Yet starting a sanctuary has led me to have to talk about myself. Just as I am not into promotion of myself, I question the sincerity and motives of using animals to promote a sanctuary. To truly understand the animals we have to be with them, care for them, experience their lives first hand. This isn’t possible for a lot of people so photos, stories, and ultimately social media have to take the place of first hand experiences.

Is this not just oppression of a kinder gentler nature? Are their lives for us to tell their stories and to show others the tragedies and tribulations of these animal’s lives? I question too much and wonder if any of what we do is positive for them. Yes they are free of dying a horrible death. Free from the sights and sounds of their own kind dying in front of them. Safe to roam in an area called a sanctuary. But do you not think they long for more? Trees to perch, plants and insects to forage, places to explore and venture that they have not seen before.

We ultimately want a world that cares for all creatures and sees the beauty in living and not the taste of dying. We want a place for all of us to live in safety and harmony. We want a world which is one large sanctuary and for sanctuaries; as we know them today, to need not to exist. #vegan #govegan #sanctuary #sanctuarylife #realsanctuarymovement #ditrectaction #veganstraightedge #fortheanimals #Animalliberation #humanliberation #totalliberation #liberation #dontbuywhileothersdie #freefromharm #friendsnotfood