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This is the blatant yet underlying racism in the vegan community. Call them out, educate, and inspire evolution. Don’t allow this to continue, in the vegan community nor in any community.

Racism should not be allowed in any community. If vegans allow this racism to continue it will only lessen every action we take towards liberation. VWC.jpg

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None More Black

Meet Bernie Slagel Named after @brianslagel our more famous and generous donor. Bernie is a rare breed known as Ayam Cemani. This breed is black to the core, heart, blood, egg shells, but not the embryo. They were genetically altered to be show birds. Birds who are born not completely black are usually killed at birth to ensure pure bloodlines. Bernie was found next to a dumpster with his neck slit and three other birds like him who were completely decapitated. @roostersanctuary quickly picked them up and took Bernie to the vet where his wounds were treated. #vegan #govegan #ayamcemani #nonemoreblack #paintitblack #pureblack #java #islandofjave #gallo #metal #metalbird #ritual #black #blackmetal #blackanvil #mystical #metalmonday

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Change Yourself



While americans mourned and grasped the reality of racism, it also perpetuated the same systemic racism of the west. Certainly what happened in Charlottesville on August 12th was horrendous and we need to learn from it. Yet at the same time the fact that the tragedies in Sierra Leone are not being covered is equally racists.

Two days after Charlottesville rains caused mudslides which have killed over 500 people left at least a thousand missing and displaced over 20,000 lives from their homes. What have we done? Watched? Facts such as these are the problem. Paris has a bombing and Facebook instantly creates a french flag frame for your profile image. Charlottesville has terror attack and a few people use the anti fascist frame. Spain attacks? Nothing but a bit of news coverage. Sierra Leone? Nothing. There is an injustice in this world that is based on the color of skin, the amount of wealth collected, where and whom you were born to. None of these things matter. Sure bill gates, warren buffet, the royal family and many other coin collectors can solve all these problems, but they won’t because there is nothing in it for them to profit from. It’s about who has the most.

Lets take a look at ourselves. Lets make all around us better by recognizing our own issues. Why did you look at that person that way? Why did you take a double look? Why are you staring? Why aren’t you caring? It’s as simple as giving a shit, and defending the ethics you claim to represent.

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Charlottesville; Why I Went


I was just out of high school and getting deeper into the punk and hardcore ethos; when reality stepped in. Like most of us in the scene I was outspoken about societal norms, politics, and the conditions of the world around us. In those days our music was almost tongue and cheek humor. Politics sucked, but they really weren’t affecting us. Family and friends going to war, not coming back. Yet we still didn’t feel the changes in our everyday lives. I think as kids in the scene we could see something darker brewing. My views were open and accepting of anyone who wasn’t out to preach hate. One night solidified those views, and unfortunately several more nights afterwards.

It was a cool night in the low 50’s when five people with shaved heads and bomber jackets approached me. They were the so called SHARP skins of our area, but none the less very right wing. Keep in mind this is 1991, not last week. They began to beat the shit out of me telling me to go back to Germany. I had never been to Germany, but in hindsight it would have been nice if they sent me. They told me if I didn’t like this country I should leave.

My stance has always been we can make the world better, where we are. Fleeing or searching for a better place still leaves us and others empty. Besides I did not have a choice in where or who I was born to. So now that I am here I will make this the best I can of it.

The punches and kicks continued until i could no longer speak nor move. Once they were gone I got up and walked to my van. Throughout my college days I would see the same people in ones or twos and they would do nothing. It was when they were in larger numbers, usually five, that they would jump me and beat me senseless. This happened 4 or 5 times as a kid and only confirmed my convictions and made me who I am today.

These experiences with those of far right beliefs is nothing compared to what many suffer everyday. Imagine living in a low income area where helicopters are constantly watching you. Imagine patrol cars where the occupants watch you as they slowly drive by. Surveillance cameras everywhere you look. All of these “authorities” know all too well they could do most anything to you and get away with it.

The people who jumped me went on to be nothing more than drunks who now kill themselves from the inside. They could have just as easily turned to a position of authority where they would have used their anger to continue the cycle of abuse.

These traits are in everyone, some are bred, some are situational. I don’t have any definite answers as to how to solve these issues. I do know how we ridded the hardcore scenes of such ignorant violence, and that was by meeting them with their own violence first. There are people who choose violence as a lifestyle. Intimidation of others is the first sign. Truck culture, now trump culture are perfect examples of this intimidation. Those we can leave alone for now. But anyone waving a flag of white supremacy must be met with greater numbers at every turn. Each time one of them opens their mouth or forms a protest, their must be twice as many of us. Showing them they are not the majority.

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Humanity Is Earth’s Greatest Monster

Get out and stand for the innocent. @nyfasave will be at Charles River Labs;  3121 us 209; Stone Ridge, NY 12484 Sunday August 27 Noon #vivisectionisacrime #vivisection #charlesriver #primate #vegan #govegan #save #farmsave #savemovement #nyfarmsave #liberation #aeta #fuckaeta #animalliberation #humanliberation #totalliberation #fortheanimals #stoptheviolence #shac #shac7 #blackfax