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State of The Sanctuary January 29, 2017

Volunteer days February 17-19

Vegan food kitchen in Asheville April 15 & 16

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Vegan For All



Eating contests…chili cook offs… Sounds fun? But what do they really do? Do they help the community? Do they feed people in need? No, so lets do something different. April 15-16 Little Rainbow Sanctuary will be on the streets feeding people. Do you have a recipe you want to share? Something different that you have yet to try? Then contact us with your recipe or idea. We will cook it up and feed it to those who are in more need than those of us reading memes and discussing the latest political drama. Do something for others! All recipes must be vegan. We don’t see a need to feed dead animals to anyone, certainly not to those who are oppressed themselves. I will also be in Brooklyn March 18 to give away free vegan food if anyone there wants to help. Thanks to @SunshineVegan_Morgan and @Hardcore_Animal_Rescue for coming out on xmas day and Morgan’s honeymoon to share some food with others. CONTACT

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