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State of The Sanctuary December 26, 2016

@blacksheepxvx and I cleared the debris from the site of the smaller barn. Now we need a few days of nice weather, an excavator, and lots of volunteers to help us dig the foundation. This weekend has been great. The benefit @tbobavl went really well and saw a lot of new faces who are excited about this project.

@hardcore_animal_rescue @sunshinevegan_morgan @cuttydesjarlais gave out a lot of free healthy vegan food and clothes to those in need.

Thanks everyone!

#vegan #govegan #whatvegansdo #animalliberation #humanliberation #liberation #totalliberation #directaction #sanctuary #wnc #828isgreat #mountains #fog


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Let’s Remember The Good Times

All is not lost, but the good are leaving us. We have to work even harder if we expect better days ahead.

Sometimes the comeback has more meaning. Thanks for the good times. Thanks for the memories. Freedom is the expression of self. Be yourself no matter what others may think, say, or do. #animalliberation #2016sucks #themusichasdied #vegan #govegan #faith #ripgeorge #ripgm #ripgeorgemichael #georgemichael #liberation #freedom #80s

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Thank You

Thanks TBOB.jpg

Thanks to everyone who came out last night, and to those who worked so hard to make it all possible.

Jason from @plantisfood Cam and Tate @tbobavl @blacksheepxvx, Liz Burns, and Especially the Campbell family. #vegan #govegan #whatvegansdo #animalliberation #liberation #fortheanimals #avl #828isgreat #828

Thanks to everyone who donated to the raffle and auction.

@InstituteForAnimalHappiness @rootshummus
@plantisfood @noevilfoods @hedgerider828
@smilingharatempeh @herbivoreclothing @parliamentcoffeeroasters

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Homelessness Isn’t The Problem

I became vegan in 1991. It was a different time for being vegan. No one asked if you were vegan for health, animals, or environment, for we were vegan for all of those reasons. We also shared food with others who could not afford such. A group in DC became my greatest influence. Positive Force often booked hardcore shows and used the money generated from such to set up soup kitchens in the less privileged areas of DC. In 1993 I became part of Food Not Bombs and continue to set up soup kitchens in some of the less privileged areas of this planet. Camden, NJ, Bed Stuy, East New York… You do not have to be part of an organization or have a food truck and donations to do this, you just do it for the love.

Come out this weekend and help @hardcore_animal_rescue and I give away some warm vegan food and some free clothes to those in need. Homelessness isn’t the problem. Societies perception of those who are homeless is the problem.

#govegan #vegan #whatvegansdo #freefood #avl #828isgreat #doitforthelove #animalliberation #liberation #humanliberation #hardcoreethic IMG_1993 copy.jpg

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Benefit For Barn Raising


Don’t forget to come out to @tbobavl on December 22 for great food and the chance to win raffle prizes from local, independent companies.

A $5 raffle ticket gives you a chance to win AMAZING prizes from:

@InstituteForAnimalHappiness @rootshummus

@plantisfood @noevilfoods @hedgerider828

@smilingharatempeh @herbivoreclothing @parliamentcoffeeroasters

100% of proceeds go toward the barn raising at Little Rainbow Sanctuary in Black Mountain, NC.

We will be discussing the three barns (bat, quarantine, goat/pig) that will be built on the property.

Buy your $5 raffle tickets early via PayPal with email address Put “raffle” in the notes.

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Sanctuary Update December 3, 2016

The past week has included a lot of rescues as well as fire clean up. There will be many volunteer days in the future to continue the clean up from the fire.
I drove to Gatlinburg this morning for a rescue that was not so pretty. It is a terrible sight in Gatlinburg. The fires there are much worse than in NC. The people and wildlife as well as domestic animals that were left behind need our help and rescue desperately.
Unfortunately Gentle Barn is full and there are no other sanctuaries in the area, none at all, not even micro sanctuaries. Animal Control and local volunteers are on the ground but national organizations have yet to reach the areas effected by the fires.
We need more sanctuaries, we need more volunteers, we need more donors.
Please be cautious as to where you are donating. Do your research, investigate these organizations and see if they are truly helping animals or just begging for money.