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Donations Needed/Volunteers Needed


Over 150 birds were seized in a recent gamecock ring in North Carolina. Some of the birds were transported to sanctuaries, while others were handed over to the local Animal Control office. Fighting animals for entertainment and economic gain is a tragedy. Even more of a tragedy is that there are not enough people, sanctuaries, nor the proper funding to care for these animals. We need more sanctuaries, we need more donors, we need volunteers. Personally I spent over $500 on this rescue and the transports. If you feel the need to do more, then do so. Please donate to our GoFundMe page linked in our bio. Thanks

To date we have turned down over 150 lives, yet transported over 100 lives to sanctuaries.

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Cock Fight Bust

Helped rescue and transport 38 birds. Almost 100 remained at the scene with no place to go. If the barn were built I could have taken all of them. We need more sanctuaries, we need more funding.

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State of The Sanctuary November 26 & 27, 2016

We had a dirty weekend, cleaning debris from the fire. Thanks to the great volunteers who came out and made this possible. We are rearranging things due to the fire and having to remove more trees than planned. Planning for barn construction to begin late winter. Stay tuned!

Please share our GoFundMe, Facebook, and Instagram pages. Let’s make this movement grow.

For other projects, we are planning a vegan soup kitchen in Asheville on Christmas eve and Christmas day. If anyone wants to escape the typical family events that day please contact us at


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Update 11.12.16

Only seven people have visited the land that was one day to be a sanctuary. It was a very difficult place to get to even on the paved roads. As I was taking the last things out of the house I saw a truck driving up to the property. Three forestry employees got out and asked if they could help. They were super friendly and even more helpful. I owe a lot to so many who have helped me through this process of starting something that could have been great.

Thanks friends.IMG_0986IG.jpg