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Sanctuary Update October 29, 2016

We have a volunteer weekend coming November 24-27. If you can help any of those days please contact us at 828 419 0646 or Thanks Friends!


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Got To Get Back To What Makes You Happy

September 30th, 2010 I became homeless. My room mate of only two months skipped town with my first, last, deposit, and October’s rent. In Brooklyn if you don’t get your deposit back, you are strapped for cash to get into another apartment. So I slept in my car. I slept at work. I slept in abandoned buildings.

I was transporting dogs on the weekends and rescuing animals from NYC on the weekdays. I also had two full time jobs. I could have easily gotten back into an apartment with just a few weeks pay, but I didn’t. I staid on the streets because I felt a connection to those in need.

I had been rescuing, transporting and caring for animals for several years and people from ASPCA, Humane Law, and many others were connecting me with people who knew of situations where and animal was in need of help. It took it’s toll on me. Dog fights one night, kill markets another. It wasn’t easy and never was it safe. The 24 hour produce market that I went to everyday was also next to the meanest kill market. Both still stand today.

Not only was it difficult to witness the worst atrocities humans can place on non humans, but I suffered from those who should have been in support of me. Those who claim vegan based on their diet would berate me with insults. Often they claimed I was insane or a radical for living on the streets. All the while I wondered how they justified $1000 in rent per month while an animal no less that a few yards from them suffered.

Today the peace, love, and happy vegan community chooses to make me a target. I call people out on their bullshit, because knowing your own faults helps all of us to make the changes we need to better this world. These changes do not include just being vegan, but being open, aware, and friendly to all around us.

Just a few weeks ago I had to help a hasidic family get into a school yard where kaporos was being practiced. The Mother, Father, Daughter, and Son were pushed to the ground and stomped on by protestors and NYPD who just stormed over them in order to stop the slaughter. Am I somehow suppose to justify this treatment towards children in order to stop the slaughter of animals? I think not and will not watch others do the same.

As vegans, are our efforts only directed towards non human animals, or must we also adopt kindness towards humans in order to achieve our goals? I believe it takes all fronts to make a movement work.

Have you ever spent a weekend handing out healthy vegan meals to those who can not afford food? Think about that. As the salvation army and red cross hand out a meal of death we could also hand out meals of health and wealth. Sit and talk to others without an agenda.

Carry your ethics further and don’t worry about who is following who on social media.

This is for Tyrek, Train Wreck, Richard, Bob, Bob and all the others who I shared time with. Don’t just think of others, spend time with them.

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Twenty Nine Lives in Less Than Seven Days

Last week Little Rainbow Sanctuary rescued 29 lives. Twenty five chickens from kaporos in Brooklyn, NY; one goat from a kill market; and three pigs from the flooded farms of North Carolina. All went to safe vegan animal sanctuaries on the east coast. If you would like to see more rescues and lives spared from the horrors of oppression, please donate. We aren’t pretty and we aren’t rich, but we care enough to risk our own lives and freedom for others. untitled-1