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My Approach in Creating Little Rainbow Sanctuary

Animals want to live in a natural state just as wee do. They want to choose a home that is safe and providing. Little Rainbow Sanctuary will remain heavily wooded to provide the safety and needs for animals in the most natural of settings.

All labor is by myself and volunteers, therefor lessening the environmental damage to the property. The sanctuary is also self sufficient with generators operating on Biodiesel and rain catchment and springs to provide natural water.

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Trees Cleared For Barn

Trees cleared for the barn.
To reiterate; there are no animals (aside from wildlife) at LittleRainbowSanctuary. There is not yet a barn at LittleRainbowSanctuary and we have not reached even a third of our goal to begin a barn. Yet we progress. Animals on this profile were rescued by me or in my care at some point for transport or as a vet tech. Over 1,000 animals have been rescued.