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Tiny House Update

This is the tiny house thus far, though there are minor changes that haven’t been captured in pictures yet. Will be using rain catchment and two large generators for electricity and water.

The playlist with all of the updates to the house can be found here. Please feel free to go through them and add any suggestions you may have!

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Five Years of Change?

Five years ago I took part in the hunger strike to demand better conditions for the Pelican Bay prisoners and to share the message that we need to rehabilitate and not enslave the people we share our communities with. Today I don’t see much change. Please listen to the Pure Imagination radio show from July of 2011 to hear more about this situation and an interview of me at that time.

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Vegan Road Trip V 1.0

This is a continuing road trip to get my mind in focus and to learn from some of my mentors. Each time I see old friends and make new ones I am re assured that I am taking the right path and making my dream of an animal sanctuary a reality. These are the animals, places, and reasons I am doing what I do.

The road is so often an escape for me, and this trip was no different. Although this time I returned to a new home in one of my favorite places, yet anxiety still exist. My friends are my family and they give me the knowledge and love to keep moving forward on this project. Thanks to everyone who has been supportive through this journey. I love each and everyone of you immensely.