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For The Love of…


For just one moment take down the vegan superiority complex and reflect on yourself. You were once like them. Like those you choose to hate and humiliate. You were once in their crowd and did little to help them or yourself. You are no where near as tough as your meme and never will be.

I was born from shit. An abusive father who made nothing of himself but a rider of coat tails. A dairy pasture was behind my house and as often as I would talk to the cows I would also talk to the turtle who crossed the path leading to the cows.

As I grew older so did the disconnect. I lost those cows and turtle and moved away. I picked up a bb gun and began to fire into the wind as if no harm could be done. I would shoot little birds just to watch them fall from their perch. I would also rescue birds who could not fly. Raccoons, bird, turtles, rabbits, they were just a few of the things I would save. All of this before my age hit double digits.

Still the southern masculine stereotype led me to grab a bb gun and shoot things. I later put the bb’s away and figured it was a senseless waste of time and life, for me, for them, for all of us.

It wasn’t until health issues that I went vegetarian and a few years later my own learning of life led me to be vegan. It’s my past that put me here, my present is my strength and my future is even stronger. My past is just that, but it is also the foundation. I do not do this to repay for my actions nor in fear of karma. I know neither exist and their is nothing watching and taking tally of all I have done. It is myself and my actions that make me and I care not what others think of them. I only care that I do things out of kindness not anger, love not fear, and for the good of all, not myself.

I have been called a fool because I often go without food to feed others. I went without a home for years in order to rescue others. So call me a fool, because in the eyes of society a fool may be what the world needs.

So vegans, please put down that mask of superiority, the memes of hate; and for the love of this universe and all that we share it with become better people. Would you want a superior being to look down on you and simply want you annihilated because they have learned to live without food or oxygen? Think of yourself as a stepping stone not just for your own life but for others. Close the computer, phone, whatever, and go out there and lend a hand.


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This Thursday June 30th

Everyone in the asheville area please check out Diamond Thieves Tattoo and Piercing. This Thursday June 30th they will be offering select flash at $40 and piercings at $30 to benefit Little Rainbow Sanctuary! There are also t-shirts and stickers available. Thanks friends!Diamond:LRS

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A Reminder

Last week I drove up to Farm Sanctuary to get some tips from my greatest mentor, Susie Coston. While there I got to hang out with some old friends. These guys rejuvenated my energy towards creating a sanctuary. Truly the best time in my life was to live on the streets of NYC, squatting in buildings, all in order to save money to rescue animals. In my ten years of living in NYC I spent two living on the streets. Not paying rent allowed me to feed less fortunate people, rescue animals in need, and to realize why we are here. Take time to appreciate all that is around you. Take time to reflect on who you really are and what you are capable of. Never deny yourself the freedom of becoming someones friend.