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Meet The Humans Behind Little Rainbow Sanctuary

Most of the people behind this project will be at the Asheville Vegan Fest on June 12th in Pack Square Park. Come out and say hello, maybe even buy some merch and leave a contribution for our barn construction.

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Asheville Vegan Fest


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Yes that’s Vegan Fest, not Vegetarian, nor Vege.

Little Rainbow Sanctuary will be taking part in Brother Wolf Animal Rescue’s 2016 Asheville Vegan Fest in downtown Asheville on June 12. The event starts with speakers on June 10 and carries on to June 12th.

Little Rainbow Sanctuary will have stickers, t-shirts, buttons, and photographs for sale all to raise funds for our barn construction.








Apple’s Story



Just over two years ago I took part in a raid and seizure in West Virginia. I jumped at the chance to help an excellent animal control director.

Once we were briefed on the situation we drove far out into the country to a small trailer park. The trailer in which we were to be visiting was the most littered and unkept of them all. Trash, boxes of newspaper, all the things that easily identify a hoarder.

The animal control director knocked on the door and a man and women stepped out. I stayed back assembling crates in a horse trailer. Most knew that I am a chihuahua lover and several ladies came back to tell me there was a chihuahua. I stepped to the front and the breeder/hoader was holding a tiny black and tan chihuahua. I grabbed her and set her on the exam table. She was the first seized and listed as evidence #200.

The breeder said, “her name is Bea, short for Apple Bea.” And so Apple Beatrice 200 became my best friend. She would have to be held as evidence for 15 days before I could officially adopt her. Fortunately the breeder plead guilty after 9 days and I was able to adopt as soon as she was out of her spay surgery.

I could go on about the situation these cats and dogs lived in, but that has been said to exhaustion.

Please educate friends and family who may be searching for a friend. Animals are excellent partners to share your time with, but please do not support the trade of life for money.

While this story is important and should be used to expose and educate the injustices of this world, none of us are our past. Apple enjoys sleeping in my lap, pulling on my hand with her paw when I am not petting her, and almond butter over peanut butter. Her neck was filled with scar tissue from being lifted by her nape. In a few months the tissue had dissolved and she now has a clean shiny coat.


Required items for a successful rescue_MG_6312_MG_6372_MG_6374_MG_6499Over 40 pounds of hair removed from one sheep dog.