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If simply judging those who live a vegan lifestyle by the memes and statements vegans post on social media, one would think we have no friends and are constantly bombarded with questions and insults as to how we live our lives. So here is my take, and I feel it is a worthy view after 24 years of being vegan and rescuing over 1,000 animals.

I have lived in both the very progressive and accepting NYC as well as the very backwards and closed minded south. In both areas I get the same old questions, “where do you get your protein” but in neither area do I feel awkward, pressured, or alone. No where have I ever felt the need to pretend to be better than others who have not been enlightened by the things I have witnessed. I do not feel a need to judge those who can not listen to their hearts over the roar of the many complacent voices. I absolutely feel it is an atrocity to eat, abuse, be entertained by the cruelty of others that is so commonly called normal.

There are some simple facts that many vegans choose to ignore that if embraced could not only change our movement for the better but absolutely put an end to the ignorance that causes animal abuse.

To start let me say that a majority of all donations given to animal organizations is generated by meat eaters. Yes your favorite animal rescue group and sanctuary would not exist if it were not for meat eaters. Advocacy groups also receive a majority of their income from those who eat meat. I’m not putting this out there for you to hate your favorite .org but for you to get off your ass and do more.

There are three levels to every worthy cause. First are those who support the opposition. The supporters would be the meat eaters in this case. We can lie in to the grey area with vegetarians as they are supporting it although slightly less than the meat eaters. Then we have the boycotters this is where a majority of vegans lie. Most vegans simply do not want to get their hands dirty and think abstaining from the consumption of life is enough. If comparing this group to the days of slavery they would simply be called non slave owners. Not attempting to abolish the horrors of animal abuse, but just simply not being a part of it. True this is a great effort considering how a majority of westerners live, but in this day and time it is no where near enough. Third comes those actually trying to abolish the use of life for the gain of others. I hesitate to use the word abolish considering how some in the animal liberation movement have chosen to use it to divide the efforts of many, but in the true definition abolish is what I want to see, and I do not mind if it is accomplished by any means necessary . It’s a great feeling to see so many handing out literature and protesting, especially those protesting in the heart of the problem such as at slaughterhouses and in front of the slat trailers.

We are moving forward and at great speed. Seeing vegan options almost everywhere is great, but we must decipher if supporting a restaurant is necessary. For instance if a restaurant serves beef all day and sells two or three vegan options at night, have we really made an impact or have we just given more money to the other side. This idea of showing big business that we support vegan options is equally going into the pockets of the murderers. When I see a vegan company sell out to the dairy industries I wonder where the money goes that the vegan company just acquired. Do they give it to a worthy cause, do they create a worthy cause. Or they just fold their efforts and retire with no worries upon themselves.

John Mackey comes to mind here. Someone who claims to be vegan yet his entire wealth is based on selling the flesh of other’s lives. How can this man even gain the courage to claim to be vegan all the while selling innocent lives for profit? Even worse how can any vegan look upon him as a hero of the movement while he continues these atrocities towards life and nature?

Vegans have an issue with idol worship. One celebrity whispers the word vegan in a positive light and memes light up the social media world.

Bill Gates is not vegan. He may claim the future of meat is vegan, but he is building dairy farms in Africa where a majority of its population is lactose intolerant. Everyone ran to the altar of Ellen Degeneres when she claimed veganism, yet just weeks before she made this claim she was throwing meatballs into the audience with Heidi Klum. Then her light burns out as she accidentally mentions that she eats eggs. I’m not sorry in saying that the use of any animal part is unacceptable. It does not matter if you comfort your chickens or build them a 5 star coop. Use of animal products is simply wrong. I do not ask to collect your mucus to wipe on a piece of bread no more than I would expect a bee to do so. I do not ask for used tampons no more than I would expect a chicken to hand over an egg. Put this shit into perspective people.

Next comes those who rescue animals. I have rescued over 1,000 animals in my lifetime. Yes many of you may say that is a bullshit number, but I only say it because it is true, no expectation of others belief. An overwhelming majority of the people helping with these rescues consume animal products. So should I use the arrogance of a vegan social media meme to announce that I refuse to work with those who consume meat and let an animal be euthanized or starve? No I will do what I feel must be done by any means necessary. Too often I am asked, “how do you feel working with people who eat meat to rescue animals?” I always answer that question with another. “How do you feel being vegan and not rescuing animals?” Get your hands dirty and lay of the computer for a while.

The vegan social media meme makes you look hard, dedicated to the cause, and tougher than any other vegan out there. It makes you feel like you stand up for all those living on our planet. Yet you sit down to eat with those who consume other’s lives on a daily basis. Again put that shit into perspective.

Too often vegans complain about how the mainstream world looks upon us. Fuck how they look upon us and look at how they see lives considered lesser than our own. You being asked where do you get your protein and why do we have canines is absolutely nothing compared to being hoisted upside down having your throat slit and run through a conveyer to be sliced and quarter as a commodity. So shut the fuck up about your abuse from those who consume life. If how other’s look at you is an issue then you need to reevaluate your dedication.

So what I ultimately want to say is if you have ever wished to help animals, but did not know how. If you have ever said one day I will have a sanctuary, but considered it just a far off dream. If you have ever said I will volunteer when I have the time but never sacrificed a night out at a restaurant to do so. If you have ever said I would love to donate more, but never gave up a vacation to do so. Then you are not making the most of your privilege as a human being to help those less fortunate. Our eviction notice from this planet is looming in the near future and too few are willing to give all the material wealth away in order to help future generations.

I’m just one person, one person in a happy struggle to make this place better. Not to appear to give a shit for my ego, but to completely dedicated all that I was born with as a white male into the efforts to help those in situations that white males have made less favorable for others.