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Poor Folks Vegan Meal

In america the privilege of food is taken for granted at every meal. From what americans eat, how they eat, and what they throw away demonstrates this privilege of excessiveness.
This is a simple meal that does not cost much.
Simple ingredients:
Cherry Tomatoes
Curry Powder


I cook the rice and carrots together in a pressure cooker, while the lentils boil in a small pot. Once the lentils are well cooked I add the Curry powder and Cherry Tomatoes.
Takes about 20 minutes total to prepare.



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Wake Up!

The Wake Up
I tend to not eat as soon as I wake. Instead I drink a large green juice or some other refreshing juice to start my day. My favorite morning beverage is Apple juice with a few Carrots, a piece of Ginger, and a small piece of Turmeric. Once blended in the vitamix (or regular blender if you chop the pieces first) this goes down smooth and refreshing.

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Little Rainbow Sanctuary Gives Birth To a Digital Presence

Greg Straight Edge

It’s only fitting for Little Rainbow Sanctuary to begin it’s digital presence with a photo of a newly born kid. While sanctuaries are not a place for breeding this was a rare situation in which the mother was brought to a sanctuary already pregnant. She was found with a younger female and an older male tied in the back of a truck. Police officers saw a man open his trunk and noticed something moving in the back. When the officers approached hime they found the 3 goats in the truck tied and gagged. The man claimed he was going to slaughter them and eat them. While the 3 goats were held as evidence they were not separated and hormones took over. The result were two pregnant females. The younger female was too young to carry the kids to full term. This mother was the lucky one to give birth to her two offspring.

While these lucky ones were not rescued by myself I was lucky to be there and witness (and photograph) the birth of these lucky kids.

Little Rainbow Sanctuary has rescued thousands of animals and transported them to safe forever homes. With the purchase of 5 acres of land (and hopefully more in the future) we plan to not only rescue but care for animals for the remainder of their lives.

Please consider donating to our cause. If you do not have the ability to donate, please consider what you purchase wisely.

Thank you,