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Vegan Records

Vegan Records is celebrating their 12 year anniversary by donating a portion of sales to Little Rainbow. Visit their BandCamp page at



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My Approach in Creating Little Rainbow Sanctuary

Animals want to live in a natural state just as wee do. They want to choose a home that is safe and providing. Little Rainbow Sanctuary will remain heavily wooded to provide the safety and needs for animals in the most natural of settings.

All labor is by myself and volunteers, therefor lessening the environmental damage to the property. The sanctuary is also self sufficient with generators operating on Biodiesel and rain catchment and springs to provide natural water.

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About Me and What Led Me to Create a Sanctuary

Little Rainbow Sanctuary is built from decades of animal rescues and the experience of volunteering with many rescue and sanctuary efforts around the globe.

My name is Greg Edge, caring for the less fortunate is my passion.

Since a very young age I have wanted to care for animals both human and non. It’s not about goals or objectives, but our obligation to others. From small birds who could not fly nor eat on their on to an injured raccoon, I attempted to care for them the best I could.

At the age of ten I saw a small black object floating in the water near me. After a few seconds I realized this was a dog that was barely able to hold his nose out of the water. I quickly got into my tiny boat and paddled towards him, but he tried to flee. I finally caught him and tied him to the side of the boat. Due to him being bloated and filled with saltwater I was unable to lift him. I ran to a neighbor and together we brought him to shore. This was my first hands on rescue. At the time the feelings were not recognized nor defined, but I now know that I felt peace in knowing one life was spared.

A few short years later I was diagnosed with e-coli and was told it most likely came from dairy or beef, yet I should not eat tomatoes nor vinegar. Even at the young age of 14 this diagnosis made no sense to me. If the e-coli came from dairy and beef then I shouldn’t eat them. So at 14 I began a path to become vegetarian. At the age of 17 I graduated high school and felt I needed to make decisions for myself without the guidance of parents or the adults around me. I was very much into the Straight Edge scene which had strong vegan messages. So on June 9th 1991 I became vegan and never looked back.

To become vegan and being conscious of what you eat and purchase not only affects the physical body, but the mind and spirit as well. You see the life of all beings as equal to your own. You attempt to not take for granted the efforts of others to support the life on this planet. Whether it be the process of making a piece of paper or the mode of transportation you choose. The conscious choice to become vegan is a positive, life altering experience; not a diet, not a lifestyle.

At the same time I chose to dedicate myself to being vegan I began to work with Food Not Bombs. The simple structure and ideology of Food Not Bombs appealed to me in many ways. Simply put Food Not Bombs is giving healthy food that others throw away, to those less fortunate. A clean cut white kid can walk into a Whole Foods and ask for the left overs and cut offs from the kitchen where as a person of color with what society considers lesser attire, can not do the same. This was making the unjust privilege system work in the favor of those less fortunate. This system works just as easily for those without shelter and food as it does for those without the normal rights of a straight, white male. Times have changed since the early nineties, yet we can manage to uplift others by using our wit and compassion.

Many years passed with the attitude of just being vegan was enough. I became worn out with my consumption and a few rescue dogs as my only example of compassion. Along the same time the disaster of September 11th (coincidentally my birthday) happened and I felt the urge to do something. To me this tragedy was not a reason to hate a religion nor a culture of people, yet a call to help humanity and show that together we are stronger than any organized religion or government. So I left my job and went to New York City alone to do whatever I could. I spent most of my time washing the feet of the search and rescue dogs with a small group from Mexico. This gave me an example of what people should be doing with our time and efforts.

Four years later I found myself close to New Orleans just after Katrina hit. I began to collect crates and kennels to sneak into the closed off zones severely hit by this hurricane. I pretended to be a photographer for an insurance firm and would sneak food and kennels in covered in my trunk or back seat. All I had was a camera in my passenger seat and a fake business card I made on a copier. The turmoil of corporate, government organizations competing with non profits to get that 15 minutes of fame was heart breaking. I worked with a small grassroots organization that hit the streets day and night; feeding and collecting the stray animals in order to secure their safety.

This experience opened my eyes to the dirty money in the business of charity. My grandfather often told me of his disdain for the Red Cross due to them charging soldiers in world war II for a cup of coffee and a slice of bread. I reminded of his words every time I see blood drives and salvation army bell ringers.

These experiences instilled the values that lead me to not ask for money to build my house, which will be on the sanctuary. Nor will I ask for money for a new office. I am a volunteer on my own accord within my own organization. Not a paid employee.

In 2009 I planned to make an all vegan sanctuary tour by bike trough out the United States. In preparation for this life altering trip I road along with several Farm Sanctuary employees and volunteers along the Chuck 300. Chuck 300 was a ride and walk from Washington, DC to Watkins Glen, NY to raise awareness about cancer which our friend Chuck was surviving. Upon our arrival at Farm Sanctuary I was honored with the Farm Animal Friend award for my dedication to the animals through photography and rescue/transport efforts.

A few weeks after the Chuck 300 I was hit by a truck and broke my ankle. This left me unable to heal and leave in time for my planned sanctuary bike tour. With that strike against me I used my efforts to rescue and transport as many animals as I could to safe homes. I worked alongside almost every sanctuary on the east coast and many cat and dog rescues to bring animals to safety. From dogs in kill shelters, to lambs thrown in the trash of kill markets, I was able to see the renewal of an animal considered a product to a happy healthy livelihood. There is no greater satisfaction than seeing such transformation first hand.

Along the same time I chose to move into a school bus which allowed me to spend more on transports by not paying rent as well as a large vehicle to transport with. Two years I spent living in the bus and later squatting in abandoned buildings in order to save for more worthy efforts. This effort to not spend money on rent allowed me to rescue over 300 animals in 2009.

One of the largest open rescues in New York City was of fighting cocks that NYPD and ASPCA were dumping in a parking lot and leaving a lot attendant to care for this. The NYPD and ASPCA chose to dump these birds here rather than enter them as evidence in which they would ultimately be euthanized. A strange circumstance of wanting to care for the birds, but not giving them the best care or facilities to live.

In 2011 I had the chance to work as a vet tech in the Galapagos. This experience opened my eyes to new relationships between non human and human animals. Dogs run through the street with no care of humans around, yet when they bring an animal to the vet they want to watch and assist with all efforts to heal the animals.

Galapagos gave me a place and time to reflect on the human damage of this planet. We too often think we are trying to save the world by caring for animals or becoming vegan. In all honesty we are only trying to save humanity. This planet, most of these species, will live happily long after we have self destructed.

Once returning to New York from Galapagos I worked diligently to save money to buy land. My heart has always pulled towards the mountains of North Carolina and specifically the Asheville area. The community of Asheville feels open to plant based living and compassion towards those considered less fortunate.

November of 2011 I was able to purchase 5 acres in the mountains of Western North Carolina, just 30 minutes East of Asheville. The process has been slow but worth every second. September 11, 2015 I broke ground to build my tiny house and ultimately a barn which I can utilize to rescue animals.

Please follow our story as this sanctuary grows to a place of tranquility for both human and non human animals.

Thanks friends.

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Apple’s Liberation Day




Four years ago this date I grabbed this little girl away from a hoarder/breeder. Along with 31 other dogs and one cat, we cleared a hoarders home and property of all animals that she was exploiting and allowing to live in filthy conditions.

Per usual the animals were held as evidence and released for adoption once the breeder signed them over. The hoarder/breeder was sentenced to community service, probation and 5 years without an animal on her property. She was arrested again in January the next year for having animals. #vegan #govegan #puppymillrescue #puppymillsurvivor #applebeatrice200 #fortheanimals #friendsnotfood #sanctuary #veganrescue #adoptdontshop #dontshopadopt #dontbuywhileothersdie #nomoneytotheoppressors #chihuahuasofig

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Simple Numbers


Every second 1910 chickens are killed for appetite. This number does not include those who are born male and ground alive in order to be fed back to other chickens. This number does not include those who are born into the blood sport of cockfighting. This number does not include those who are born into the “fashion” industry and used for their feathers.

Every second 9 cows are killed for appetite. This does not include those killed for leather. Most leather comes from the same cows which are slaughtered for appetite.

This is simple math. Who do you feel needs our attention the most when it comes to rescues?

This is not to look lightly on one life or another, but to demonstrate how populated this planet is with animals. We kill more than the human population in chickens every year. This means there are more chickens on this planet for the sole purpose of greedy appetite.

Now ask yourself, why do so many sanctuaries have more mammals than chickens? The answer is money. #dontbuywhileothersdie #sanctuary #govegan #vegan #animalliberation #fortheanimals #friendsnotfood #dontshopadopt #adoptdontshop #liberation #humanliberation #totalliberation #domorenotless #chickensofinstagram #chickensofig #roostersofig

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Lambs1.jpgDead Lamb1.jpg

We have lost all instincts. Our chances of getting back to nature are null. From birth we pick our nose, scratch our butts and play with our genitals, and we are told that is wrong. We dig holes, climb trees, and are told we will get dirty or hurt. As humans our definition of civilized has mutated to a social norm that is anything but normal for us to survive naturally.

We carried these manipulative efforts out upon other animals as well. We confine them, mutilate them, force them to eat, tell them when to wake. We force their birth and genetically modify their natural weight in order to satisfy a greedy taste. And as humans we find it disgusting to call ourselves animals.

We kill them to control their population, yet we know very little of what their population should be. Ourselves, we breed like Caligula, and expect the animals to recess to our presence.

Our civilized efforts have strayed so far that we no longer feel comfortable helping others. Compassion has become a weakness and maleness is worshipped. What seems so primal as a trait is actually a weakening to the structure of who we are.

It’s no wonder this world is the way it is. We congratulate the rich and famous for we are so far from living on our own terms that we want more. We get in line for the products, no matter how against our ethics they have become. We are lost, and so far from home that it is doubtful humanity can return to nature without the wakeup of a catastrophe which we have no measure. #vegan #govegan #nihilist #nature #backtonature #animalliberation #humanliberation #liberation #totalliberation #fortheinnocent #fortheanimals #friendsnotfood #fuckdxe #fucktmm

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Less Talk, More Action





While dxe/microsanctuary movement sat around and talked about what they plan to do, we got to work on our new residents. They had their first produce day experience and those in the most dire health went to the vet. The oldest lady from this rescue only has one tooth and is in poor shape. To make things worse she also has a newborn who’s umbilical cord has yet to fall off. We will need to build 3 more barns and install new fencing for this herd. If you want to help, share the link in bio or better yet donate. #fuckdxe #dxenotwelcomehere #doityourself #thinkforyourself #vegan #veganrescue #govegan #adoptdontshop #animalliberation #fortheanimals #friendsnotfood #lambsofinstagram #dontbuywhileothersdie #fucktmm #fuckthemicrosanctuarymovement #talkyourshitbutdontfuckwiththis

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Earth In A Crisis Day


The past week I have been working with a small group of people to help take animals from a hoarding/breeding case. While catching well over 50 animals we never took the time for selfies or live feeds. Less than ten people rounded up over 50 animals that would be living in terrible conditions without proper water, food, or care. Many of the people helping eat meat, yet felt the need to help. Because of that ingrained choice to eat meat many vegans will condemn us for working with them, yet many vegans did not offer their help.

There’s a strange shift in the “vegan community” white maleness is looked upon as holy, yet I rarely see males rescuing animals. The selfie is seen as the sole barer of proof, yet I’ve never had much time to take a selfie during a rescue. To change from a carnivore to a vegan is only celebrated if you have status, and if you occasionally fail you are condemned to never be in the clique.

Are we not in this for the animals, the environment. for community? Or is this just an ego status, “I’m vegan” and you bounce off to the next sanctuary visit for some selfies while never donating nor getting your hands dirty.

This world will never end. Humanity will be erased from history and the way many vegans act like children is damning proof that we have no hope for surviving. Yet too many play the happy game of peace love vegan while never saving a single animal.

Peace is an action. Actions are not always easy for us. Actions can cause harm to our own bodies, and rob us of social time, or compassion fatigue as it is commonly called. If you want to see compassion fatigue, walk in my friends shoes. Wake up at 5am, feed 400 animals, give them the care they need, pick up feed, make vet visits, hold these animals while they are sick, tuck them in at night and be sure no harm can be done to them, all the while answering 100s of calls to take more animals, making arrangements to take in large rescues. But most of you will just sit on your computers, thinking your four animals are a difficult tasks to care for. It’s absurd what this community has done to itself and worse what it is doing to the broader scope of accepting more people in and focusing on the animals who are the real victims. Compassion fatigue? You’re next in line for the knife, the hammer, the scalding vat of bleach. Think of that fatigue. #govegan #vegan #earthcrisisday #earthday #whatvegansdo #animalliberation #liberation #fortheanimals #friendsnotfood #talkyourshitbutdontfuckwiththis #screencaptureaway #fuckyourfatigue #veganisnotenough #earthcrisis #veganstraightedge #straightedge #xvx #xxx #sxe #vse

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Animal Agriculture


As a people who want to see an end to the exploitation of animals, we must move away from #factoryfarm as a term and broaden our scope to #animalagriculture . This photo was taken today in a rural area that is growing with factory farms. The small scale family farms that once stood here are closing and bankrupting due to big business. Neither are good. The small scale or backyard farm practices are just as oppressive, abusive, and damaging to the environment as the corporate farms.

This cow was surrounded by the bones of at least three other cows. She died maybe a week ago and has yet to be devoured by the scavengers or turned back into the earth. In the distance are the shiny new factory farms. Rows of thousand foot long buildings, housing thousands to millions of animals. Just because some see backyard farming as kinder does not make it any less cruel when a life is spawned, raised, and “cared” for only to be killed. A few inches or a few yards make no difference in the suffering from the slice of a knife or the blow of a hammer. Neglect and disrespect are present in all forms of animal agriculture.

These situations exist everywhere. From New York City to middle america there is some one raising an animal for a profit, for human ego, for human greed. From the hoarder to the backyard farmer, to the corporate factory farm, they simply do not care about life and only see a dollar sign.

We boycott these industries with our choices. From food to clothing we boycott the oppressive industries. Yet there are “sanctuaries who choose to buy animals, while thousands of farm animals die due to lack of care. These vegan petting zoos must be stopped and called out for the lack of ethics. There is no rescue with out a cost, but that cost must never be paid as profit to the oppressors. #vegan #govegan #ethics #ethicalvegan #ethical #veganethics #animalliberation #liberation #anticapitalist #capitalism #backyardfarm #cow #farm #cruelty #abuse #neglect #dontbuywhileothersdie #adoptdontshop #dontshopadopt #fortheanimals #friendsnotfood #rescuenotrevenue #rescue #veganrescue